Production – Events & Shows

Jason produces and markets events, shows & festivals for both his own businesses and other organisations.

Live music at Deepdale Camping & Rooms

Events and shows produced by Jason include Deepdale Festival, Deepdale Hygge, open air theatre, and Attendants at Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

The events at Deepdale Camping & Rooms, are usually associated with their live music offering, including adhoc gigs, Deepdale Festival and Deepdale Hygge. They also host other events, courses and activities.

At Dalegate Market the site welcomes The Pantaloons for a few shows a year with their open air theatre. Dalegate Market hosts pop up shops throughout the year, and offers Christmas shopping, along with a programme of courses and other events.

Jason worked with his daugther Ava to produce Attendants at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Jason produces these events with a whole host of partners, and is involved with the creative, asthetic and marketing of the events.

Why not chat with Jason about how he can help your business, from business coaching to regular consultancy or even non exec directorship.